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How do I email my spouse in the navy?

Online Email

Anytime you are sending email to your spouse or family members in the Navy, do not include any information that may or may not be classified in nature. If your spouse is on a ship, do not include port dates or locations.

Where can I find Navy-related gifts?

Gifts for your favorite sailor

Gifts for Dad just got easier, especially if he's a sailor or used to be one. Try this site for official U.S. Navy stuff -- everything from airplanes to flags to you-name-it, and all at reasonable prices.
159 Main St.
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What is the best way to keep in touch?

Keep In Touch

If you both have access to computers, e-mail is an excellent way to keep in touch. The deployed spouse can gain free e-mail through, or enter a chat at Powwow reads the writing phonetically, so if the parent doesn't understand what the kids wrote, the computer will convert it so they will understand.

How do I email my spouse in the navy?

Sending Email

Depending upon the ship to which the Sailor is assigned. Some do have e-mail accounts and provide an e-mail account to crewmembers as a quality of life issue. Please remember, however, there is no central e-mail directory for Navy people or for Navy commands. You should check for the web sites of various ships to see if the ship's web site lists how to e-mail a Sailor.

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