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what is TriCare information ?

TriCare Mid-Atlantic Region

For TriCare information for those living in the Mid-Atlantic Region, visit

what is the Health Care Information Line?

Health Care Information Line

The Health Care Information Line is an around-the-clock resource for you and your family. It offers health and medical information, education, and support. You can speak to a registered nurse who will provide information that can help you take an active part in managing your health care. The nurses can help you put your mind at ease and give you information about self-care. Please note that the HCIL cannot make diagnoses, referral authorization, or appointments. They are not a substitute for your physician. Call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .... 1 800 213 5453

what is Anthem Alliance ?

Anthem Alliance

Visit the Anthem Alliance website today for TriCare information.

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