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How do you show interest in each other´s lives?


Show interest in one another's lives. If one or both parents must be away from home for periods of time, stay in touch by letter, phone, or tape.

Why should you devise a family plan?


Devise a family plan in order to be prepared for deployments and other changes common to military life.

How can you take advantage of the time with your family?

Spend Time Together

Share meals, do household chores together, and enjoy recreational activities as a family. You don't get every day as a family while serving in the Navy, make the best of the time you have.

what are some tips for Homecomings ?


___Talk to each other and listen.

___Remember that previously unresolved problems may surface.

___Support good things your friends/partner/family have done.

___Go slowly when when re-establishing your place with friends/family.

___Curb any desires to take immediate control.

___Go easy on stories about where you've been/what you've done. Expect a little envy.

___Give each other a little space.

___Expect that things that worked before might not work now.

How can you keep all family members involved?


Involve all family members in responsibilities and decisions about issues effecting family life.

What does the Family Service Center provide?


Make use of your installation's Family Service Center for support and information on military family life. Take advantage of special programs and activities the military provides.

How can you support each other?


Celebrate one another's successes. Encourage family members to be their best.

How can you support each other?


Support each other and be good listeners to promote understanding and self-worth.

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