Navy Frequently Asked Questions

what is The Navy´s World Wide Locator ?

what is chewing the fat?

Can I get discounts?

Who can I contact if I can´t get a problem solved?

What is a cup of joe?

What kind of planning helps communication?

How can I get Navy records?

What should you do before you leave?

How do I email my spouse in the navy?

what is DFAS?

How do I keep phone bills down?

what is an August Chief Petty Officer?

what is the Health Care Information Line?

Where can I get legal help?

what is a pea coat?

what is anchors aweigh?

what are some low cost adventures?

Should I go to college before enlisting?

what is eight bells?

Where can I find Navy acronyms?

What is a care package?

what is a Binnacle List?

what is an Aviation Green Uniform?

Is saving money important?

How can I enlist at a higher rank?

How should I store my neckerchief?

How do I email my spouse in the navy?

what is SOS?

where can I buy a gift for a sailor?

Where can I find Navy-related gifts?

What is General Order 1 for sentries?

Is there a good way to keep in touch with family?

What is General Order 11 for sentries?

what is a head?

what are gun salutes?

what is TriCare information ?

How can I find out about enlisted ratings?

How can I keep in touch with the people back home?

Are your wills up-to-date?

How should letters be treated?

How should I plan for discharge?

what is a holystone?

what is Pogie Bait?

what is PFPWD?

what is a log book?

what is a fathom?

what is a seabag?

How can you make the deployment of your spouse easier?

What is Between the Devil and the Deep?

what is a crow´s nest?

What is General Order 2 for sentries?

what is a port hole?

what is a smoking lamp?

what is a Wardroom?

what are Bell Bottom Trousers?

what is scuttlebutt?

what is EFMP?

What does all hands refer to?

What is belay?

How can you cope with the deployment of your spouse?

What is the best way to keep in touch?

How can you ease the departure from your family?

Should I stock up on supplies?

What is General Order 9 for sentries?

what is a brow?

what is Anthem Alliance ?

how do I survive a long deployment?

what is space available?

what is RET?

what is Starboard ?

what is a field scarf?

what is FSG?

what is a galley?

What is a buttkit?

What is carry on?

What is a bow?

What does AD stand for?

What is General Order 7 for sentries?

How often should you keep in touch?

what is a forecastle?

what is devil to pay?

what is DFAS?

what is a Quarterdeck?

what are Watches ?

what are some tips for Homecomings ?

what is shipping over?

what is a gangway?

what is a gator?

What is General Order 6 for sentries?

When do I say aye, aye sir?

What is aft?

What does adrift mean?

What is General Order 5 for sentries?

What is a bridge?

What does "ashore" refer to?

what is a brown bagger?

What is bupers?

What should I remember about dealing with dependants?

what is Geedunk?

what is sick bay?

what is a rate?

what is port?

what is Square Away ?

what is a fantail?

What does Mayday mean?

what is NEX?

what is MTF?

what does it mean to police?

What is General Order 4 for sentries?

What things should I send to my spouse on deployment?

what is a chit?

What is a brig?

What is to breakout?

What is General Order 3 for sentries?

What is a C.P.?

Should I have a Power of Attorney?

How can you support each other?

Why should you devise a family plan?

what is PCM?

what is JAG?

what is a ladder?

what is a field day?

what is deers?

How do I prepare for deployments?

How do I support my spouse?

what is secure?

what is a skipper?

what is the Stern ?

what is turn to?

what is liberty?

what is a passageway?

what is a Petty Officer?

What should you do while your spouse is deployed?

What is General Order 10 for sentries?

What is General Order 8 for sentries?

What does "as you were" mean?

Where does ahoy come from?

How can you support each other?

How can you take advantage of the time with your family?

How do you show interest in each other´s lives?

How do I support my spouse?

what is a swab?

what is a hatch?

How can you keep all family members involved?

Are there support groups?

What is below?

What does the Family Service Center provide?

what is Topside ?

How do I survive the red tape?

what is an overhead?

what is skylark?

How do I stay in touch with family?

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